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There is no longer an official Windows XP help and support network. Microsoft put an end to that back in April. But, XP is still a great OS and runs smoothly without any problems. But, the trouble happens when your OS runs into some problems. You have to now rely on third party tech support providers to fix such issues.

Try repairing the OS using the XP installation disc

But, such third party services are not available for free. Hence, make sure that the issue is something you cannot fix on your own using the resources and tools at your disposal. Try all the standard fixes like restarting the system, running a virus scan to remove a malware, returning the OS back to a saved System Restore point, running the OS in the safe mode and so on.

But, if none of these usual tricks worked, then you have no choice but to call a third party Windows XP help service to fix the problem. But, before you do that, try repairing the OS by using the XP installation disc. Many a times, Windows operating systems start to malfunction when some important system file is missing or when it becomes corrupt in some way. Such OS errors are caused by malware infections, faulty system shutdowns, OS update errors and other reasons.

If you can repair the OS by replacing this corrupt system file with one from the OS installation disc, then that should solve the problem. So, you need to try this. First, back up all your important data before you proceed with this. The OS repair process will not affect the data you have stored in the system. But, create a back up all the same as a precautionary measure.

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Now, insert the disc and restart the system. As the system restarts, it will detect the XP installation disc in the drive and ask you to ‘Press any key to boot from CD‘. Press any key to launch the boot menu on your screen. Follow the prompts to proceed to OS repair menu. When you see the option ‘To set up Windows XP now, press ENTER‘, choose this option. Do not go for the one shown right below it for accessing the Recovery Console.

As you proceed like this, you will be asked to choose between a fresh installation of XP or repairing the already installed one. Choose the option for repairing the OS and wait for the repair process to complete. If this does not solve the OS problem, you may contact our tech support personnel for assistance.

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Apple Production Factories Still Use Windows XP

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Windows XP, the thirteen-year-old operating system, whose support ended on April, is the operating system that most of the corporate offices are using even now. This is the same with most of the production houses owned by Apple that produce Mac, iPhone, IPad and more. Now, it is surprising to see that Apple is still using the operating system that is more than ten years old. It looks as if these Apple production houses join other corporate businesses that are yet to upgrade computer systems from Windows XP to higher versions like Windows 8.

Windows XP Help and support has been officially terminated. Windows XP stopped the extended support few months back, which means that there are no more security patches and support for anyone. This is the same with every company with no exclusion of the multi-million dollar company like Apple. It is an easy target for hackers, when Windows XP runs on an unprotected environment. I.e. without any solid antivirus program installed in Windows XP, it is easy to break into the OS and hack the computer system.

It is kind of shocking and surprising to know that companies like Apple are yet to upgrade to higher versions of operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8. When CNBC was looking into the making of iPhone 6, they got to know more about the oldest Windows ecosystem, which Apple is still working on. It was Neowin, who noticed Apple computers running on Windows XP. He noticed that the computers were customized to run on the trusty silver theme, which was an alternative to Bliss theme. Bliss theme was the standard theme back then.

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Now we are not sure if Apple is not aware of the threat of using out-dated operating systems, or if they are being like other people who plan to work on the same OS ignoring the threats involved. It is high time to upgrade for all those who are yet to upgrade to higher versions of the operating system including Apple production houses. Microsoft has made it clear that without the help of security fixes and other support features, it is not safe to work with the outdated OS.

In case you are using Windows XP along with the outdated Internet Explorer 8, it is only going to make your computer more vulnerable to threats and hackers. In order to use some of the latest apps and features available in the Windows platform, it is better to upgrade to the latest operating system since Windows XP help and support is no longer available.

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Windows XP Is The Most Favorite Among Hackers

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It has been thirteen years since the release of the Windows XP operating system and more than 6 months since Microsoft ceased issuing security updates for this age old operating system. This does not stop the usage of this operating system among users. It is still used by many users across the world. The latest analysis shows that the Windows XP operating system has become a huge resource for the cybercriminals. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows XP help team.

Researches done by the security firm Proofpoint gained access to a server that a group of Russian speaking hackers were using to control a botnet that consists of 500,000 hacked computers, most of which were located in the US. These computers were infected by a piece of malware called as Qbot that not only steals online banking data but also adds the infected computers to a botnet network that is leased to some other criminals. Wayne Huang, who is one of the authors of Proofpoint’s report, says that the network could be used to transfer the stolen data or to infiltrate business firm networks.

Huang and his colleagues noted that more than half of the PCs in the botnet were powered by Windows XP operating system. It is common for the computers that are running Windows XP operating system to make up large portions of botnet, Huang says. Estimates by NetMarketShare suggest that twenty four percent of more than 1.5 billion total computers across the world are still running Windows XP. When Microsoft discontinued the support for Windows XP back in April, the security firm Qualys found that the OS is still used in finance, retail industries and transport.

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Relatively less vulnerability has been reported for Windows XP this year compared to the previous years, according to the MITRE Corporation. This corporation maintains a list of the common vulnerabilities. In case of botnet that was analyzed by Proofpoint, its creators appear to be using the exploits that are older than a year or two, says Huang. It makes sense for the cybercriminals to continue exploiting the XP OS, says Carl Leonard who is a senior manager of security research for Websense. He says that some of the hackers may be stockpiling the vulnerabilities in XP, waiting for the correct target.

Many of the Windows XP computers are in China where the pirated editions are much prevalent. If you wish to know more on this news, you can contact the Windows XP help and support team.

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Subscribe For Paid Windows XP Tech Support Services

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It is not all advisable to use the thirteen-year-old Windows XP any more. Microsoft has officially pulled the plug on Windows XP help services that used to provide necessary security updates for this OS. Without these security updates, it is only a matter of time before hackers figure out new ways for exploiting the chinks in the XP armour.

What are the tech support options available?

So, there is no longer any official Windows XP help webpage or support network available online. However, Microsoft is still providing XP support to many of its corporate clients for a monthly or annual fee. Normal users might not be able to afford such paid tech support. Also, Microsoft has not made it clear whether this paid tech support is available to all XP users.

As far as Microsoft is concerned, Windows XP is history. Any XP user contacting Microsoft tech support services will be asked to upgrade their system. However, it was recently announced that they would release some essential security updates for XP users who are still clinging on to the obsolete OS. This will be like the regular security updates you used to get before, but will only be fixes to take care of some of the serious OS security issues.

This small concession is provided to these XP users hoping that they will use this time to upgrade their hardware and migrate to Windows 7 or Windows 8. There is yet another tech support for these XP users. They can subscribe to one of those third party tech support service providers. Many of them have already launched such services hoping to make the most of the void left behind by the end of XP support.

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However, such services are not getting that many takers either. Most XP users are not so keen when it comes to paying for tech support services, which they used to get for free in the past. However, lack of any security updates is indeed a serious issue as the XP users will soon find out in the coming months. Already, we are getting reports that the hacking and malware attacks on the XP systems are on the rise. If you are not subscribing to any such tech support services online, your XP system will soon be flooded with lots of virus applications and malware.

So, either upgrade your system or subscribe to a quality tech support service, if you plan to continue using XP. Both, however, is going to cost you.

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Steps For Running XP Programs In Latest Windows Platforms

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If you have recently upgraded your OS from Windows XP to any of the new Windows operating systems, say Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, you are sure to miss some of the legacy XP apps on your new Windows platform. But the good news is that you can continue to use your favourite XP programs on the new platform. Wondered how? The following tips will certainly be helpful for you in this regard.

Initially, you need to ensure that the legacy applications really work on Windows XP. Chances are that some of the legacy applications don’t work on the original XP versions. They require Windows XP Service Pack 3. As you have already ditched Windows XP and migrated to the latest Windows OS, you can’t check whether the legacy apps are compatible with XP in normal methods. Thankfully, you can do the testing in a virtual PC.

Microsoft still continues to offer certain level of Windows XP help in the form of pre-built XP virtual PC. You can download it for free from Microsoft’s website. The purpose of XP virtual PC is to allow developers to test legacy XP applications such as Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Office suite apps. Although the virtual PC environment does not look as real as a normal XP environment, it does not create any issues while you run your legacy programs.

Free VirtualBox software from Oracle

Oracle has rolled out a free version of VirtualBox. This software offers multiple platforms. You can choose your preferred platform and run any of the compatible legacy applications in it. All you need to do is to download and install the free version of VirtualBox and then work out the following steps.

Windows XP Virtual PC

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  • After successfully installing VirtualBox on your PC, launch it and navigate to
  • In the window, select VirtualBox on Windows and choose Windows XP from the resulting options.
  • In Windows XP, you will see a list of three files below the IE8 option. Download all of them. After that, create a folder on your drive and store the downloaded files in it.
  • Now, go to the folder and locate the file by the name part1.exe. Run it to extract IE8-WinXP.OVA. Following that, import the file to VirtualBox by double-clicking it. The program will install XP virtual machine on your PC.

By following the above provided Windows XP help steps, you would have been able to run Windows XP virtual PC and install your legacy apps in it.

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