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Windows XP help and support for the long-lived and favorite operating system has ended. The support ended with a brief message for the users clinging to the Windows XP, trying to convince them that the operating system is not meant for the current generation, as there has been much advancements since the launch of Windows XP twelve years ago.

Jay Paulus, the Windows Marketing director of Microsoft, says that the operating system Windows XP and Office 2003 do not match up with the advanced technology currently, even if they were the rulers once. Technology has become extensively mobile with the services such as One Drive, which makes it very easy to gain access to files and folders anywhere you go. All these features are included with the latest Microsoft Office 365, which is very flexible and works according to your needs.

Microsoft has been intensifying its campaign on Windows XP users to make them aware of the threats and problems in using an unprotected Operating System. Even then, people are adamant on clinging on to Windows XP. The latest PCs are faster, advanced and much more reliable when compared to the older ones. They have features such as quicker shutdown and faster startup times. Moreover, Windows 8 often provides access to the cloud, which enables you to download or upload files and folders from anywhere and anytime.

Windows XP’s end of support is a chance for businesses to mobilize and modernize their workforces, says Microsoft. Microsoft helped a large insurance firm Meiji Yasuda to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 8 tablets to help them mobilize sales. An upgrade of up to 30,000 devices was made in this insurance firm.

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Windows XP accounts to about 29.3 percent of the total desktop operating system market share, according to a web analytics firm NetApplications. Windows 7 leads with a total 47.46 percent of the OS market share, while it is only 10.56 percent of the total market share for Windows 8.x since its launch in the year 2012.

Microsoft claims that Windows XP is not enough equipped to protect itself against the latest threats. Moreover, after the month of April 2014, there were no additional security alerts provided for the operating system. Microsoft warned its users that the operating system is five times more vulnerable to viruses and malwares when compared to Windows 8. The situation is more crucial now that Windows XP help and support has been terminated.

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Using Windows XP? Upgrade Now!

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Ever since the operating system was launched to the market, Windows XP reigned in the PC operating system market as the most popular operating system around the world. Even now, the operating system has more than double the share in the market than the latest Windows operating system Windows 8, even after Microsoft removed the support provided for the twelve-year-old operating system in an effort to popularize their newer operating systems. So if you are running Windows XP on your computer, it is high time that you change the operating system to a newer Windows version like Windows 7 or Windows 8.

According to the details we get from the Windows XP help website, as of April 2014, users will not be able to get any kind of support from the software giant. The only problem that you have in running your computer in Windows XP operating system is that you will be susceptible to virus and malware attacks, as you do not have enough protection. The hackers can take advantage of your outdated system to access your personal data. Another issue is that new devices may cease to work with the operating system and it might not have the necessary drivers to work with the operating system.

If you ask any Windows XP help technicians, they will advise you to upgrade your operating system to the latest operating system. You now have four operating systems to choose from- Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

If you can wait for a few more months, then you can install the Windows 9 operating system which is scheduled to enter the market in spring of 2015. If you have been working on the computer for long, then naturally Windows 7 is the best choice for you as it shares the same user interface.

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If you are ready to experiment with a new interface, then you can try Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 operating system. It is recommended that you install Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, as you will get support for much more period. The mainstream support of Windows 7 is all set to end in 2015 so we wouldn’t recommend that you install Windows 7. However since the extended support can be availed until 2020, Windows 7 is after all not a bad decision.

So stop wasting time and install a new version of Windows operating system on your system to enjoy support from Microsoft.

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Unofficial Windows XP SP4 All Set To Release

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Ever Since the Redmond based Software giant stopped providing support for the Windows XP operating system, many developers have pledged to provide support for the Windows XP users. One among them, a Greek developer who calls himself by the name Harkaz, stated that he has developed a complete service pack for the Windows XP operating system. This new update is regarded as the fourth service pack for the Windows XP operating system by many. The developer posted in his Windows XP help blog that he was working on the update for months and has the update ready for beta testing.

The update is created by collaborating all the previous service pack updates released by Microsoft so that the user can have better security for his device. The update will be available for free and can be downloaded from the sites like Softpedia. The main reason that the developer stated for creating the new unofficial Service Pack 4 for Windows XP was that there are numerous users like him who would like to use the thirteen year old operating system even though Microsoft has stopped providing support.

The main reason for this is that some of the users will not be able to install a new operating system, as their hardware may not support the new operating system. This means that they will have to buy a new computer out of the blue just because Microsoft has stopped providing support for its operating system. According to the news we get from various Windows XP help forums, the update can be installed by anyone who is running his computer on the service pack one upgrade of Windows XP operating system.

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Even though the update was created for providing better service and security for the computers, the developer asks the users to install the operating system on their own risk. Since the update is not official, you will not be able to get support for issues caused by installing the operating system from Microsoft or your PC manufacturer. Here we provide the statement he posted In his blog post, “Of course, Microsoft does not recommend anyone to install this, but such a service pack is clearly worth a shot if you’re still on Windows XP and you don’t plan to upgrade anytime soon.”

Even with the support for the operating system withdrawn from the market, fair shares of users are still using the old operating system for its ease of use and compatibility.

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Many Windows XP Users Not Switching To Newer Windows Versions

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Windows XP, the most popular Windows Operating System of the last decade, is no more supported by the software giant Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft pulled the plug on the aging operating system earlier this year, on April 8, 2014 to be precise. This means, there is no Windows XP help and support services available, none whatsoever. Though this news is pretty old, there are many Windows XP users, who are clinging on the thirteen year old operating system. Moreover, it is hard to imagine an operating system so old is still the second most popular operating system across the globe. Surprisingly, Windows XP is second only to Windows 7, which is the most popular Windows operating system at present.

This means that there are still millions using the old operating system for various purposes. When analyzed, some reasons become clear as to why people continue using an unsupported operating system like Windows XP. Here are some of the possible reasons why so many Windows XP users do not wish to move on to newer Windows versions.

XP’s thirteen years of existence

People hate change. Whether good or bad, change may not be happily accepted. Windows XP’s in use for thirteen long years means people are more familiar with this OS than any other OS. Moreover, Windows XP was actually awesome when it was launched. With many new updates to the OS, Windows XP has become solid. Users, who are too familiar with Windows XP will never feel like switching to any other Windows versions.

Windows Vista the worst ever OS

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Another important reason why Windows XP is still popular could be the Vista effect. Windows Vista was supposed to be the best OS, the next big thing, but it bombed big time. Many Windows XP users did not even consider changing to Windows Vista seeing the horrendous reviews. There were too many problems associated with various aspects of Windows Vista. Moreover, Windows Vista was slower than XP.

XP-dependant business software

Last decade saw much third party software being developed for Windows XP. Actually, the problem was that the software programs were only compatible with XP. This meant that many businesses had to continue using Windows XP. Since, some SMBs cannot afford the cost of an upgrade and the associated staff training required they are risking everything by continuing with Windows XP

Windows XP might have been the best operating system for thirteen years, but with the end of Windows XP help and support, it is best to look for more advanced and latest Windows OS.

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Removing Windows XP From Your System

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If you are having a Windows XP operated PC and if you would like to change the operating system of the PC to another one, then first of all you would have to remove the operating system from the present computer. You must also remove the operating system from your system if you are planning to sell the PC. This may seem to be a simple task, as a mere format of the hard disk will help you accomplish it. However, the problem lies in the fact that you would not be able to format the hard disk by using the same operating system. For doing this, you would have to use some external programs. Usually the Windows XP installation CD that came with your PC would have these tools. Alternatively, you could make use of some online Linux tools for formatting the hard drive. Here we discuss simple instructions from Windows XP help desk for formatting the hard disk using the Windows XP installation disc. Instructions

  • Boot the system using the installation CD, this can be done by changing the BIOS settings. For navigating to the Boot menu, press the Del, F2 or the F12 key found in the keyboard. Since different manufacturers set different keys for accessing the Boot menu, press all the keys one by one, as you cannot know for sure the exact key.
  • Now the wizard will show you different options to choose from on the screen, click on the R button for entering the Recovery Console.
  • Now you will be able to see a black screen with a command line labeled as C:\WINDOWS> on the screen, this is the command prompt window. In the command prompt window, type in the command format c: /fs:ntfs and the press the Enter key found in the keyboard.

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  • The system will now show you a warning message, stating that all files in the system will be erased if you chose to continue. Press the Y button on the keyboard and then on the Enter button for formatting your system.
  • After a few minutes, the process will complete and the free space detail on the disc will be shown on the screen.
  • Windows XP help and support team advises you to type in the command Exit in the command prompt and press the Enter button for exiting from the same.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to format the PC easily without having to install a separate operating system.

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