Government PCs Vulnerable After April 8 2014

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Even post April 8 2014, Windows XP can be seen in 10% of the government computers in the United States Of America. Even now, computers run on Windows XP even though the government knew about the end of support well before. In the United States Of America, 4 million computers will automatically be in a state of risk post 8th April, 2014. Reports from the Washington post say that important political and secured military networks are contained in the majority of the Windows XP running systems.

Systems at risk

US government computers are relatively very highly protected. However, post 8th April, hackers are in for a sumptuous treat of Windows XP machines. In the United Kingdom also, a similar condition prevails. Even after the end of the deadline, HMRC and NHS computers will still run Windows XP. The dead slow migration plan contributes to systems still running on Windows XP.

Get XP support

Business and governments can avail support from Microsoft for its Windows XP system though the price charged for the extended support is nonsensically high. The viable option is to upgrade to Windows 8 or Windows 7.

Still large percentage of Windows XP users

Normal customers and general companies still use Windows XP and it still runs in around 20% of the companies. New PC buyers are in for a treat at the Microsoft store as the company is giving away a $50 (£30, AU$55) digital gift card for customers who dump their Windows XP in return for the purchase of new PCs until the end of April.

gift card for customers

XP very old

90 days absolutely free premium phone, sales and chat service support is available and with the facility of laplink, complete free migration of data is offered by the company. This new offering has been initiated by the company so that users will let go of Windows XP, which is very old and intercepted the operating system world way back in 2001. Windows 8 that suffered lackluster sales could get the right boost with the support for Windows XP coming to a close. Microsoft recommends an upgrade at the earliest before the deadline.

Post April 8th 2014, users will not be able to avail Windows XP help from Microsoft. However, for Windows XP help regarding issues and glitches, you may contact our tech support center.

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Tips For Repairing The Windows XP Network

Windows XP help

Windows XP network diagnostics

The automatic repair method comes to the assistance of Windows XP users during an event of encountering network issues while working on the OS. For Windows XP, Microsoft also makes a network diagnostics tool available. Sometimes, time IP conflicts or IP related issues might occur. By contacting the internet service provider, you will get to know details regarding your IP address.

Commonly seen network issues like IP issues, default gateway settings, connectivity validation etc can be resolved by using it. For a quick and easy fix regarding Windows XP network issues, users have to follow the below mentioned Windows XP help guidelines.

Automatic repair

  • Choose Windows Start button and the Start menu will appear on screen. Choose the Control Panel option from the menu. Select Network and Internet Connections when the Control Panel window appears and choose Network Connections.
  • Perform a Right Click on the network that that is facing problems and choose Repair. The operating system will try to resolve the network issue. Upon completion, choose the Close button.
  • Access any web browser available on your system and try to navigate to any website. The issues have been solved if the task is successful.

Windows XP network diagnostics

  • Execute the task of downloading Windows XP network diagnostics tool. By availing the tool, users can easily resolve network issues.
  • Select the Windows Start button and the Start menu will pop up on screen. Keep the cursor on All Programs. Choose Microsoft Internet Explorer and the IE web browser will appear on screen.

    any website

    Windows XP OS

  • The IE window contains a menu bar at the top and it houses the Tools menu. Click on it and select Diagnose Connection Problems and the Network Diagnostics Tool will now function. Different instructions will appear and you have to follow them accordingly to find the problems and fix them.

Do not simply go for the option of automatic repair or the network diagnostics tool every time. Network issues may also prevail if your modem is not connected properly or if the modem is turned off. What you have to do on your part is that, you have to establish the proper working of the modem and then if the modem responds and works properly, get help by availing automatic repair or the network diagnostics tool.

By following the above mentioned Windows XP help guidelines, users can easily resolve network issues that are seen with Windows XP operating system.

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ATMs Around The World Are Under Attack!

Windows XP help

Microsoft Security Essentials for XP

When I say that almost all of the ATMs across the globe are under attack, you will surely get worried. Yet, it is upsetting to see that many of the financial institutions are not taking appropriate steps to avoid the mishap! Confused? Let me elaborate the matter to you.

It was around a year ago, when Microsoft announced that it would terminate all sorts of technical support for Windows XP by April 08, 2014. Though many tech support personnel tag this 13-year old operating system as exceptionally outdated, Windows XP has been serving ATMs for a long time without any glitches.

Windows XP features a simple and friendly interface, as well as offers superior support for running a wide range of conventional applications. That is why, despite the fact that three advanced operating systems were released afterwards, all the financial firms choose to stick on with Windows XP.

However, as the official Windows XP help and support ends this April, there will be no more software patches, hotfixes, or security updates for the platform. Even the Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP will no longer be available for download. As a result, all the ATM machines powered by Windows XP will become vulnerable to virus, spyware, and malware attacks.

Contrastingly, out of the 420,000 ATMs in the United States, more than 95 percent of them are still running on Windows XP. This raises a big question on the security of thousands of ATMs around the world, which are still on the dying operating platform.

support for Windows XP

Windows XP tech support

Speaking on the matter, Suzanne Cluckey, the editor of ATM Marketplace said, “A lot of ATMs will have to either have their components upgraded or be discarded altogether and sold into the aftermarket – or just junked.” Windows XP help center backs this statement highlighting that if an ATM is not upgraded in due time, hackers and cyber robbers can easily penetrate into the system. Though it is understood that ATMs will continue to function normally even if they are not upgraded, it is quite risky to keep them vulnerable to hijackers and malware attacks.

Some financial firms have thus, decided to migrate to Windows 7 operating system. Nevertheless, it is found that only a few of the ATMs are ready for the upgrade. Aravinda Korala, chief executive officer of ATM software provider KAL alleges that, “The ATM world is not really ready, and that’s not unusual. ATMs move more slowly than PCs, and only a few of the ATMs (around 15%) would be able to migrate to Windows 7 by the deadline.”

Considering all the consequences, Microsoft has decided to offer an antivirus support for Windows XP for another year. Let us hope that this extended scheme offers enough time for the ATMs to upgrade, and serve the world without any glitches.

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Installing The Windows XP Operating System

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Installing Windows XP On New Hard Drive

The Windows XP is a popular operating system designed by software legends Microsoft. It is very popular and one of the top selling Windows OSs. If you have a got a new hard drive then you should install the Windows XP OS on it.

Here are some instructions to install the Windows XP OS onto a new hard drive:

  • First, allow the Windows XP installation files to be copied from the installation disc to your system. Once the files are finished copying the Windows XP will start installing. Wait until the installation wizard comes and prompts something or the other.
  • Click on the Customize option so as to configure the Regional settings. Now choose Details to configure the input language and the keyboard layout. Choose Next.
  • Enter your name and an organization if it applies. Select Next again.
  • Every windows software CD comes with a unique product key. This is a 25 character key which you must type in accurately when the wizard prompts you to. Now click Next.
  • You can now enter a name for the computer, press Enter, then confirm the administrative password for your machine. Click on Next again.
  • Now configure the computer to a clock by setting the date and time zones. You could also choose to check the box, which sets the computer to adjust for Daylight Savings Time. Now, select Next.
  • The next step is to configure your network. You can have the network configured to the default Microsoft settings by clicking on the Typical settings option. You can also choose to configure this network manually by selecting Custom Settings. Choose Typical settings as it is the most preferred configuration. Click on Next when you finish.

    Installation Disc

    Windows XP Installation With Personalize Settings

  • Now choose the following option: No, this computer is not on a network, or is on a network without a domain. Make this computer a member of the following workgroup. Workgroup is selected as a default option.
  • Allow the Windows XP installation files to finalize. As soon as the installation process gets finished, the computer will reboot and start up once again. Click on OK so that Windows XP can adjust the screen resolution. You can change these later if you wish. As a simple check, just see of you can read any text displayed on the screens after the adjustment for resolution has been made.

For more Windows XP help check up on the support site or contact to post your queries on the Windows XP help and support team.

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Xi3 Piston- A Great Gaming PC

Windows 7

Windows 7 Upgrade

The gaming consoles such as Xbox One and PS4 are quite popular nowadays due to the unique gaming experience they provide to the users. There are many advanced features that these consoles offer such as online gaming, downloading the latest game trailers and other related content. However, it is a fact that whatever options these consoles provide, they won’t be able to match up to the flexibility of gaming on a PC. Playing games on a PC helps you to easily select the games as well as access the streaming service. The new Windows 7 compatible gaming PC, Xi3 Piston, offers a user-friendly gaming experience wherein you can easily download games from the Steam download service.

The Xi3 Piston was first revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 and was lauded for its sophisticated features. According to the Windows 7 support technicians, this gaming PC is a tiny black box that fits in a hand and weighs about a pound. The advanced specifications includes quad-core processor, an integrated AMD graphics chip, a 128 GB solid state drive as well as a 8 GB RAM. As stated by the Xi3 representatives, at present, users would be able to run any game from Steam on this system at maximum settings without any lag. This simply means that the Windows 7 Xi3 Piston is more powerful than most of the devices in the current-gen console. In the future, Xi3 would also be able to run demanding Steam games as they get developed.

AMD Graphics Chip

Windows 7 Issues

This Windows 7 Xi3 Piston comprises of a HDMI port making it easier for the users to plug it right into a living room TV and various USB, DisplayPort and miniDP ports. This means you can easily connect a host of peripherals or multiple displays in this gaming PC as there are several spare ports available. Coming to the cons of the Xi3 Piston, the price that it is being offered is somewhat expensive. According to sources, this gaming PC is priced at $1000. But for this price, you can easily buy both a PS4 and an Xbox One, or even build a much more powerful gaming PC that you can use to play games in a more sophisticated way.

If you are planning to buy the Xi3 Piston gaming PC, you can purchase it on the Xi3 website. For more information on the gaming consoles and Pc’s, feel free to check our official website.

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