Windows XP Help – tips to keep your computer safe

Nobody wants to wake up one day and find their computer infected with viruses, spyware, and malware

Windows XP Help is here with a couple of tips

  • Set Internet Explorer’s Security and Privacy levels to at least Medium

do this by clicking on the start button

open “internet explorer”,

click on “tools” (on the upper right hand side of the page,

click on “internet options,”

select the “privacy tab”

and you should be able to adjust the settings right there

  • disable third-party cookies

do this by following all the steps in the first tip

and set the Privacy levels to at least Medium-High

  • do not click on a button or pop-up dialog without reading it carefully
  • do not download anything unless you know the source
  • never open an email from someone you don’t know or trust, and be even more cautious when it comes to attachments
  • make sure you download all of Windows critical updates


and to be on the safe side, back up regularly and enjoy your safe computing. For help on Windows 7, check out Windows 7 support