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windows xp rebooted to factory settings

As soon as your Windows XP system begins to lag, it is high time to restore it to factory settings. A new Windows XP computer is able to run fairly smoothly, but as you attempt to add and remove files and programs, the system gets clogged with leftover remnants. The best and only known way to completely clean your system and begin fresh is to restore it to its factory settings. You may choose to restore Windows XP as well as all original applications in less than two hours. The process is highly automated. Follow the instructions given below in order to reboot Windows XP to Factory settings.

Windows XP help Instructions to Reboot XP to its Factory Settings

  • Initiate these instructions by backing up all files prior to restoring.
  • Following which, you need to insert the Windows XP System Restore disk and reboot your computer.
  • It is then required that you boot from the disk by pressing any key as soon as you are prompted to do so.
  • Proceed to press F8 in order to agree to the license agreement.
  • You need to select the drive in which you’re going to install Windows XP on. In case you have only one partition, you just need to hit Enter. As far as multiple partitions are concerned, you have to choose the one Windows XP is currently installed on.
  • You have to select Full NTFS Format and wait till the system formats completely.
  • You have to set your time zone, computer name as well as network settings when you are prompted to do so.
  • Select the application which needs to be installed and restart as soon as they are installed.
  • Finally, you have to replace your files as soon as Windows XP is restored to factory settings.

That concludes the instructions to be followed in order to reboot Windows XP to factory settings with Windows XP help. Do not hesitate to contact the Windows XP help center if you need further technical support. Also visit the corresponding website if you feel that the information in this article does not suffice.

I hope this article has been of assistance to you. Thank you for reading.

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Windows XP Help

windows xp rebooted to factory settings


  • Select Allocation unit size. Select only Default for this option unless otherwise instructed or unless you are very sure about it.
  • Check the box next to Perform a quick format if you would like to quickly format the drive.
  • For a thorough formatting of the hard drive, uncheck this box.
  • Click OK to begin formatting the hard drive in Windows Vista.
  • Click Finish when the process is completed.

This procedure will help in formatting the hard disk. If you have any issues in completing the process, contact Windows Vista help.